Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) the developer, owner and operator of the Arnhem Space Centre (ASC) in Australia’s Northern Territory today successfully completed its second launch with NASA on Wednesday 6 July 2022 at 11:13pm ACST.


The NASA SISTINE mission will help astronomers understand how starlight influences a planet’s atmosphere, possibly making or breaking its ability to support life as we know it.


Michael Jones, Executive Chairman and Group CEO of ELA, said the successful launch was a very exciting follow up to ELA’s first launch on 26 June.


“Tonight we were delighted to achieve another successful launch which further strengthens the capabilities of our team and of the Arnhem Space Centre,” said Mr Jones.


“We look forward to our third launch on 12 July and then onwards to the future of the Arnhem Space Centre and the Australian space industry.”


More information about the mission is available here.