Our mission

Equatorial Launch Australia’s (ELA) mission is to be the pre-eminent multi-user commercial Space Launch company, providing world-class Launch services supporting testing, launch and recovery of space vehicles and payloads flown to and from all space orbits.


We are excited and proud to be selected by NASA to launch NASA BBIX rockets for three scientific missions over 250kms into space in June/July 2022. These launches are NASA’s first ever launches from a commercial spaceport.

Our key differentiator is the proximity of our Arnhem Space Centre to the equator as it offers significant launch efficiencies and provides access to the full range of orbits and inclination. 

Offering rocket companies and their payload customers additional operational freedom, significant economic benefits and simplicity/reduced risk for both their launch and overall mission design, ELA and the ASC are not just the newest multi-user, commercial spaceport, we are the destined to become one of the premier launch sites in the world.

Launch with us

We anticipate, manage and reduce client risk and associated administration and logistics burden for all operational launch scenarios. Due to our low cost base, equatorial launch benefits, scale and flexible access to space, ELA provides a world class value proposition.