Why Launch With Us?

We work closely with world-leading aerospace organizations to ensure that ELA can provide the utmost quality of launch service.​ This service starts well before your rocket and people leave your HQ until after they go home.

Access to a range of orbits, including equatorial for increased payloads compared to other inclinations.

Options to launch over water or land for payload/ booster recovery.

Jet capable airport and deep-water port facilities within 30-minute drive.

Stable upper atmospheric conditions.

World class space launch systems engineering team to support your launch
in every way possible.

Minimal air and maritime traffic congestion.

Experience with Australian launch permits, we do the work for you.

Substantial launch window flexibility.

ASC Orbits

Dedicated to your launch –  We stand in your shoes

At ELA our mantra and concept of operations is based on putting ourselves in your shoes. We devise a comprehensive and compelling solution to overcome those challenges to ensure that your launch is:

The most cost effective;

The most operationally efficient;

And has the maximum opportunity for success.


End-to-end mission service

ELA offers:

  • Comprehensive end-to-end assembly integration and test (AIT),
  • Mission planning
  • Risk hazard analysis
  • Launch and recovery support

We also provide:

  • Range,
  • Launch,
  • Mission control services and facilities.

We support you in doing:

  • Launch feasibility studies.
  • Logistics and administrative planning.
  • Detailed engineering requirements analysis.
  • Execution.