You build the rockets... we'll take care of the rest

Why launch with us?

We work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs. From multi-launch, multi-year campaigns to single launches, our flexible and customised approach helps us to optimise mission success.​ Our service starts well before our customers, their staff, and their rockets leave their HQ, until well after launch.

World-class space launch systems engineering team to support your launch.

Minimal air and maritime traffic.

Experienced in the application and securing of Australian launch permits – we do the work for you.

Stable weather and upper atmospheric conditions enable year-round launch.


Access to a range of orbits, including equatorial, polar/SSO, mid-inclination and retrograde.


Options to launch over water or land for payload/ booster recovery.


Jet capable airport and deep-water port facilities within 30-minute drive.

Trajectory Planning

Access to multiple orbit options including equatorial from 12° South. Our team can work with our customers to plan orbits to meet specific mission needs. 

​End-to-end mission service

  • Mission planning
  • Risk hazard analysis
  • Launch feasibility studies
  • Regulatory compliance and Licensing
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Detailed engineering requirements analysis
  • Logistics and administrative planning
  • Comprehensive assembly, integration and testing facilities
  • Safety and security measures
  • Ground support equipment and infrastructure
  • Launch weather monitoring and forecasting
  • Communication systems and infrastructure
  • Emergency response and contingency planning
  • Mission control services and facilities
  • Range control services and facilities
  • Launch execution
  • Launch and recovery support
  • Stakeholder and community relations
  • Post-launch analysis and data processing
  • Asset maintenance and lifecycle management