ELA has recently partnered with Epsilon3 who produce software for complex engineering, testing, and operational procedures as a service. Recently named in Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Space Companies of 2023, Epsilon3’s software delivers the ground team and our customers a full-scale systematic approach towards complex operations.   

With safety at the front of mind for our customers and the community, ELA plans to utilize the platform for its integrated Launch countdown and control. The system enables effective collection and test of live operational data and then an ability to write custom conditional criteria that automatically evaluates in real-time during operational procedures to safely manage our customer’s assets on site. 

ELA plans to utilize Epsilon3 software during launch campaigns for the following benefits: 

Launch Efficiency: Epsilon3 is designed to optimize launch operations by automating several critical processes, such as launch countdown sequencing, data acquisition, and real-time telemetry analysis. This can help reduce launch delays and improve launch success rates, leading to more efficient launch campaigns. 

Safety: Epsilon3 includes advanced safety features, such as real-time anomaly detection and response capabilities, that can help mitigate potential risks during launch operations. This can help ensure the safety of both the launch crew and the surrounding environment. 

Cost Savings: Launch delays and failures can be costly, but Epsilon3’s optimization capabilities can help reduce the risk of these events. Additionally, Epsilon3’s automated processes can help reduce the need for manual intervention, which can help minimize staffing requirements and operational costs. 

Improved Customer Experience: Launch delays and failures can be frustrating for customers who have invested time and money into their payloads. By reducing the risk of these events, Epsilon3 can help improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction. 

Competitive Advantage: Using advanced software like Epsilon3 can help a commercial spaceport differentiate itself from its competitors. By offering a more efficient, safe, and cost-effective launch service, a spaceport can attract more customers and grow its business. 

We are excited to work with Epsilon3 and modernize the process of reaching space safely and efficiently. Epsilon3 helps us ensure that our systems and operators are in sync during the most critical stages of the launch process.