17 August 2023, Adelaide, Australia and Sejong, Korea 


Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) the developer, owner and operator of the Arnhem Space Centre (ASC) on the Gove Peninsula in Australia’s Northern Territory, has today signed a multi-year, multi-launch contract with Korean aerospace company, INNOSPACE, for a series of orbital launches from the Australian spaceport. 

The agreement will see the launch of several INNOSPACE rocket variants each carrying between 50kg and 500kg payloads into low earth orbit from the ASC across a five-year timeframe until Dec 2028.  

ELA is widely regarded as the most advanced multi-user commercial spaceport in the world, and the signing of this contract has validated the business concept and development plans by securing INNOSPACE – the only hybrid-fuelled rocket company worldwide to have successfully launched into space – as the first commercial company to become a ‘resident launcher’ (long term tenant and regular launcher) at the Australian spaceport. The first launches by INNOSPACE from the ASC are expected to commence in early 2025. ELA previously had a three-launch contract with NASA. 

ELA has been working with the Australian Space Agency (ASA) to expand its existing Launch Facilities Licence (LFL) to support orbital launches from the ASC with a range of orbital rockets, differing azimuths and trajectories and a much wider array of propellant mixes and rocket configurations as part of its Phase 2 Development Plan. This work with the ASA will now expand to assist INNOSPACE to obtain its first Australian Launch Permit (ALP). This ALP approval process is expected to take between 6 and 14 months commencing later his year. 

As one of up to seven planned ‘resident launchers’ INNOSPACE will be allocated a Space Launch Complex (SLC), comprising two modern ASC launch pads customised to INNOSPACE’s rocket requirements and an extensive Horizontal Integration Facility (HIF) which allows for rocket assembly, payload integration (in an ISO 8 clean room) and has overhead cranes, offices, workshops and system test facilities in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Each SLC is fully enclosed and encompasses a range of ITAR compliance measures including video and movement sensor security, extensive fencing, and access control. 

Michael Jones, Executive Chairman and Group CEO of ELA said the contract with INNOSPACE was a major milestone for ELA. “We are delighted to announce this multi-launch and long-term agreement with INNOSPACE and what we hope is the first of several launch agreements which we have been developing for some time. INNOSPACE is a truly innovative company with outstanding technology and is one of the leaders in the emerging market of smaller launch providers. INNOSPACE is one of the first of the next batch of “new space” rocket companies to launch and with increasing congestion at major spaceports globally, INNOSPACE has recognised the unique launch/geographic, infrastructure and commercial benefits of launching from the ASC.”  

“The launch contract and associated space launch complex agreement which we have been discussing for over a year provide INNOSPACE with the flexibility they require around launching a range of launch vehicles at an increasing cadence over the next five years,” he said. 

“This contract demonstrates the potential for the ASC to deliver on our goal of being the pre-eminent commercial launch site globally. With the combination of our launch pad design/technology, launch inclination options, geopolitically stable base, infrastructure, logistics and engineering support solutions we have developed, we know we offer a highly competitive and attractive spaceport solution,” said Mr Jones.  

“Last year’s three successful launches with NASA allowed us to showcase the skill and capabilities of both the ELA team and the Arnhem Space Centre to the world. We’re excited to embark on that journey again – this time with INNOSPACE. It is a very important part of our ethos and culture to be known for what we achieve and not what we predict, and this contract again shows this aspect of ELA.” 

Dr Soojong Kim, CEO of INNOSPACE said, “we are thrilled to have secured an optimal launch spaceport, the ASC, which has the benefits of launching from an equatorial spaceport and brings launch efficiencies through this multi-launch agreement with ELA. Our goal is to offer customers greater flexibility for their launch schedule and orbit access with frequent dedicated launch opportunities. We expect to enable our satellite customers to achieve significant innovation with our orbital launch services by launching from the ASC.” 





INNOSPACE is an innovative launch services provider based in Korea and was the first space company to successfully launch a test launch vehicle (The HANBIT-TLV) powered by hybrid rocket engine in March 2023. INNOSPACE is developing a range of launch vehicles designed to take payloads between 50kg and 500kg to 500km sun synchronous orbit. The HANBIT family of launch vehicles (HANBIT-Nano, HANBIT-Micro and HANBIT-Mini) use a unique hybrid propulsion technology with a paraffin and liquid oxygen propellant combination.  

Proprietary hybrid rocket technology enables cost innovation and reduces launch latency. INNOSPACE creates the best technology with the best experts to provide optimal launch services that transport small satellites to space orbit quickly and reliably. INNOSPACE aims to realize future innovations in the small satellite launch market with low-cost, customized rapid launch solutions.  

To learn more, visit http://www.innospc.com  


About Equatorial Launch Australia 

Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) is on a mission to be the pre-eminent multi-user commercial space launch company, providing world-class launch and rocket development services supporting testing, launch and recovery of space vehicles and payloads flown to and from all space orbits. 

ELA owns and operates the Arnhem Space Centre (ASC), in East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. The proximity of the ASC to the equator offers rocket companies and their payload customers operational freedom and simplicity for both their launch and mission design. 

With access to a wide range of orbits and inclinations from >12° to <110° ELA provides the following value-added services supporting the mission and launch: 

  • Mission/Launch planning and feasibility,
  • Australian Space Agency permit and regulation management,
  • Mission payload aggregation support (rideshare),
  • Full scope launch preparation and conduct including: logistics, operations management and launch/range control and management, 
  • Recovery of vehicles/stages,
  • Full test and range services available for both commercial and military customers using our Arnhem Space Test and Evaluation Range (ASTERTM),
  • Payload management, and
  • Rocket propellant/oxidiser/gas production, acquisition, storage and preparation.


Our method of operation is to anticipate customer requirements and reduce client risk and associated admin/logistics burden for all operational launch scenarios. 

Semi-permanent ‘Resident Launcher’ arrangements are available for one to multiple serviced pads, on a pay-per launch basis. Due to our low cost-base, equatorial and other flexible orbit launch benefits which provide greater access and flexible access to space, ELA provides a world-class value proposition. 


To learn more, visit www.ela.space  



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