Arnhem Space Centre

Australia’s spaceport at 12°

Located 12° South of the equator, the ASC is a multi-user commercial spaceport in East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, Australia. With its proximity to the equator, launch companies and their payload customers can access multiple orbits and inclinations with increased operational freedom, lower costs and simplified mission design.

See what the Spaceport of the Future looks like in the fly through below.

ASC standard launch pad configuration

  • 90-degree triple redundancy, hydraulically controlled pivot base
  • Custom designed interface plate
  • 80,000 litre water deluge system
  • Multilayer / composite plume deflector
  • 1 metre standard height of the pad
  • Environmental capture pond
  • Oxygen purge system
  • Automated and steerable fire cannons
  • Oxidiser and propellant storage
  • High speed communications from MCC
  • Bespoke pad specification available
Arnhem Space Centre Launch Pad

Horizontal Integration Facility

    • 40m x 26m x 12m dimensions in standard configuration
    • High clearance ISO 8 Clean room
    • 20m x 40m rocket assembly area
    • 20,000kg full-space overshead gantry crane
    • Indoor, enclosed workshop space
    • Multi-port wall membrane for container mounted power, umbilical and support systems
    • Administrative and personnel area
    • Large 6m (W) x 8m (H) clearance roller doors with airlock dust prevention
    • HVAC climate control
    • Advanced security

Enhanced Mission Centres

  • Triple net safe failure communications systems
  • High speed fibre optic data connectivity
  • Automated & Integrated Countdown procedures
  • Multiband Tracking & Telemetry including flight termination systems
  • Secure, managed voice loop conference system
  • Epsilon3 electronic procedure tracking to minimise miscommunication during high-risk launch activities

Engine & Stage Testing Facilities

  • Static and hot fire testing
  • Allows for isolated testing per stage
  • Customisable stage mounting
  • Controlled test environment

Range Control Centre (RCC)

  • Managed range safety area
  • Full site surveillance

Safe Haven Launch Lounge

  • Workstations and cafeteria for on-site workers to retreat to during launch
  • Ballistic protection
  • Live observation centre
  • LCC and MCC core operations centre