Arnhem Space Centre (ASC)

Located 12° South of the equator, the ASC is currently an active multi-user commercial spaceport in East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, Australia. With its proximity to the equator, launch companies and their payload customers can access all orbits and inclinations with increased operational freedom, lower economic costs and simplified mission design for reduced risk.

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The spaceport’s facilities offer a single point of contact for all launch activities throughout a campaign, which streamlines the process of integrating a payload into a launch vehicle to reduce integration time and meet commercial goals. 

In Development

ASC standard launchpad configuration

  • Customisable mounting platform
  • Oxidiser and propellant storage
  • Plume trench for water deluge
  • High speed communications from MCC
  • Water canon for fire suppression
  • Reinforced blast walls
  • Bespoke pad specification are available
Arnhem Space Centre Launch Pad

Dedicated Horizontal Integration Facility (HIF)

    • 45m x 26m x 12m Dimensions
    • Airconditioned & Humidity controlled
    • ISO 8 Clean room • Data connectivity
    • 20T Overhead Gantry Crane
    • Workshop and offices
    • Emergency facilities
    • Front and rear concrete hardstands
    • ITAR compliant
    • Access-controlled & 24/7 surveillance

Enhanced Mission Centres

  • Triple net safe failure communications systems
  • High speed fibre optic data connectivity
  • Automated & Integrated Countdown procedures
  • Multiband Tracking & Telemetry including flight termination systems
  • Secure, managed voice loop conference system
  • Epsilon3 electronic procedure tracking to minimise miscommunication during high-risk launch activities


    Engine & Stage Testing Facilities

    • Static and hot fire testing
    • Allows for isolated testing per stage
    • Customisable stage mounting
    • Controlled test environment

    Range Control Centre (RCC)

    • Managed range safety area
    • Full site surveillance

    Safe Haven Launch Lounge

    • Workstations and cafeteria for on-site workers to retreat to during launch
    • Ballistic protection
    • Live observation centre
    • LCC and MCC core operations centre

    We understand every launch is a big investment, and our team makes sure your launch with us makes your mission easier.