ELA owns and operates the Arnhem Space Centre (ASC), a multi-user commercial spaceport in East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, Australia at 12° S.

The ASC is a unique global launch site with an array of launch options, excellent weather and upper atmospheric conditions, a stable geo-political environment and comprehensive logistics infrastructure.

Spaceport Location

The proximity of the ASC to the equator offers efficiencies and provides access to the full range of orbits and inclinations, offering rocket companies and their payload customers operational freedom, significant economic benefits and simplicity/reduced risk for both their launch and overall mission design.

The secure site includes utilities and facilities to meet the most stringent customer requirements, with payload integration, storage and administration. Significant infrastructure is nearby, including a deep-water port and city quality airport for access, a well-serviced township with accommodation, retail and hospital facilities, and fibre optic cabling to support equipment and teams moving to the site.

Space Test and Research Range (STARR)

The location of the ASC within a very low, Emissions (EMC) environment and the proximity of open water and vast uninhabited land masses makes the ASC a perfect candidate for a “Range of the Future” and as such ELA has developed the templates for a space test and evaluation research range. The STARR concept is open to use for the development and test of space vehicles for both commercial and defence clients.