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LAUNCH UPDATE: We are aiming to bring our next launch, DUECE, forward 24 hours to Monday night due to weather forecasts.
We’re hoping to open the launch window on Monday 11 July at 20:27 ACST and closing at 00:15 ACST.
We will keep you updated with any delays on the night via the ELA Facebook page. As we’re all familiar with now, is not unexpected or unusual for there to be delays – sometimes of several days, or even weeks – to get optimal weather and launch window.
A successful launch is dependent on many things, including the weather. We always put safety and mission first.
This third launch, DUECE, is another Black Brant 9 rocket carrying a ‘Dual-channel Extreme Ultraviolet Continuum Experiment’ (DEUCE) on behalf of the University of Colorado. It will be launched at an azimuth of 235 degrees and will ascend to 250 km.

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